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Posted by Admin on July, 29, 2023

A nose ring is an age-old fashionable accessory that rests on the women’s nostrils. From a traditional gold nose ring to modern-day diamond studs, nose rings have come a long way. A nose ring also called nath in India is basically a ring-shaped tiniest piece of jewellery.

Despite being small in size, it holds a significant place in a woman’s jewellery box. These nose rings come in a variety of forms, dimensions, and styles. Nose piercing has been kind of a body art for a very long time now. In India, the significance of a nose ring is similar to mangal sutra, bangles, sindoor, and bindis for married women.

Women wore different types of nose rings made of gold or silver that are set with diamonds and other precious stones. A diamond nose ring is not just a piece of jewellery but also represents the charm and elegance of womanhood. It also serves as a bold fashion statement for some women.

At a leading nose ring manufacturer, you will find a wide variety of diamond nose rings to enhance your look. It will also add that bit of grace and elegance that you want to experiment with your look. From nose hoops to nose studs to clip-ons, you can explore an amazing collection to make your everyday style classy.

Choosing a perfect nose ring basically depends on how much attention you want to draw to your nose. Your nose ring should be apt for your face and even your nose cut. Just remember don’t copy any latest style blindly. You have to feel confident and comfortable in what you wear on your nose.

Important things to consider while choosing a nose ring-

Type of metal: The choice of metal and its quality is the most critical thing to pick. Gold is the most popular option as it doesn’t cause any irritation and goes with everything. Usually, all gold and diamond jewellery are made from 18k and 14k gold in different polish. These days white gold and rose gold are getting more popular than the traditional gold colour.

Size of the diamond: The other most considerable aspect is the size of the diamond for your nose ring. If you are looking for a simple office-wear nose ring then go for the most tiny one that has a little sparkle. For something luxurious, you need a serious sparkle that comes from a big diamond. Hence, the choice of diamond size depends on what occasion you need it for.

Quality of the diamond: The quality of the diamond is measured on the basis of carat, cut, colour, and clarity of the diamond. Choose only the finest cut diamonds for your nose ring to get an optimum sparkle.

These tips allow you to buy the best designer nose rings that will enhance your glam factor.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about nose rings is that you can keep adding new ones to your collection without pinching your finances. The affordability of nose rings makes them easier to keep your look fresh and chic. Often, keeping it fresh and chic. Start shopping for your collection today by choosing a reliable nose ring manufacturer.

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